Amazon Safari: Blowguns, Giant Lilies, and Tarantulas

Once in the port and in the motor boat, we navigated for few minutes by the Nanay River to begin our Amazon safari.  This river is one of the main tributaries of the majestic Amazon River, which is itself the mightiest river and the longest at the world. The Amazon River born in the Peruvian Andes and runs through much of our vast Peruvian jungle to traverse across Brazil and finally into the salty waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

After about thirty minutes we made our first stop to tour an Amazonian village and meet their inhabitants the Yahuas.  These natives were barefoot and clothed in skirts of palm fiber with bare backs.  We spent several hours with them and they shared parts of their culture: their dialect and dance, but coolest of all, their traditional method of hunting using a blowgun or “Cerbatana.”  What’s an Amazonia expedition without a bit of tradition?

Rainforest Holidays - Blowgun.jpg

Now back to the boat and with a refreshing coconut in our hands, we navigate towards our jungle lodge Peru.  This is not the fanciest accommodation, but is one of the better Peru Amazon lodges and will help make for an enjoyable rainforest holidays.

Having arrived to the jungle lodge Peru towards nightfall, we settled in and enjoyed a nice dinner.  After a meal of best fillets of fish (Golden cat fish) and “chicharron of caiman (alligator),” we donned our rubber boots (provided) and ventured on an evening Amazon safari in search of tarantulas and poisonous frogs.  Visiting the Amazon can be dangerous, but we play it safe and do not handle many of these creatures.  We arrived back to the jungle lodge and fell asleep to the symphony of the night.

Amazon Rainforest Tours - Tarantula

Amazon Rainforest Tours - Poison Frog




















After an amazing evening we continue our Amazon safari the next day by planning a botanical walk through the forest.  In search of traditional medicines, we find plants used to aid insomnia, gastritis, stomach ulcers, skin infections, inflammations, headaches, and fever.  Most natives use these plants to cure their ailments and visitors may even plan an Amazon trip just to use these medicines.  Venturing around a lake, we find Victoria amazonica, the largest form of water lilies.  The leaves of these lilies can grow up to 3 meters in diameter and are quite beautiful.

Amazon Holidays - Giant Lily

We experienced many other amazing sights on this Peru jungle tour.  Although the Amazon jungle is one of the best places to visit in Peru, If these jungle vacations seem too adventurous for you, we also offer Iquitos tours and customized rainforest holidays.

We are well regarded Peru tour operators and hope to be your Amazon safari guide!

Amazon Trip – Visitor Contribution: Collin

Collin contacted me several months ago about doing an Amazon Safari.  He wanted to have an authentic experience, camping for 5 out of 7 days in the Amazon Jungle.  We had some great experiences and he wanted to share them with you!

Enter Collin:

Amazon Trip - Collin











When I decided I wanted to visit the Amazon, I read about all kinds of jungle vacations.  Most were conducted by large tour companies and seemed only to scratch the surface of the forest, spending most of the time nestled in jungle lodges with only a few hours per day spent exploring.  Sure, that’s “visiting the Amazon,” but it wasn’t one of the Amazon expeditions I was looking for .  Finally, I read about Alex on a Lonely Planet forum; he came highly regarded as an experienced and trust worthy guide who could help tailor an Amazon safari to my liking.

Our journey began from Iquitos, a starting point for many Peru Amazon tours.  After an hour taxi ride to Nauta, a port city, we embarked on a three hour ride down the Rio Maranon. Eventually, we merged into the Rio Yanayaku for our ultimate destination to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.  Because the reserve is protected by the government, wildlife is more abundant and easier to spot.

Our first evening was spent in a local village where we enjoyed fresh caught fish, fried and served with one of the seven (yes, seriously!) varieties of bananas found in the Amazon Jungle.  The village offered cush accommodations in a private cabin equipped with multiple layers of mosquito netting.  I was safe for the night and was lulled to sleep by the beautiful jungle sounds.

Amazon Safari - Sweet Accomodations

The next day,we set out on our Amazon expedition, ready to rough it for the next five days, I had packed everything but bug spray!  Although the locals do just fine without it, the bugs seemed quite excited by my foreign blood.  Before the mosquitos could get too content, Alex suggested an alternative bug repellent, termites.  Not sure how this works?  Neither was I…

The rest of our Amazon trip was spent fishing, relaxing, and exploring the beautiful forest.  We came across all forms of wildlife, from an Owl butterfly (as large as my hand – which is quite big), to giant toads and pirañas. Never did I expect to catch and eat a piraña, let alone swim in the same water!  Although these are the same flesh eating fish we’ve come to know from movies, I learned they’re only attracted to blood.  No blood, no problem.

Amazon Safari - Piranha














We also encountered a baby Black Caiman alligator.  It may look harmless, but this thing could take your hand off.

Amazon Safari - Black Caiman

After seven days we returned to our starting point and I participated in a few Iquitos tours, visiting different areas of the city and learning about it’s history.  It turns out my Amazon safari guide was a pretty knowledgeable Iquitos guide as well!

My jungle trip was amazing, and although perhaps too adventurous for some, I’ve encouraged several friends to explore different forms of Amazon Rainforest tours; it really is a once in a lifetime experience!

Amazon Safari Guide: Sharing My Experiences

Amazon Safari - Let the Journey Begin











I’m so glad you’ve found my site!  Growing up in and around the Amazon jungle in Peru, I’ve found a deep passion for nature and sharing it’s experiences.  Over the years, I’ve developed into a true Amazon safari guide, hosting a variety of jungle vacations and Amazonia expeditions for friends, family, and visitors.

I have the pleasure of experiencing all that the rainforest has to offer, from observing beautiful wildlife, exploring  untouched regions of the forest, and finding natural remedies that have been used by locals for ages.  These wonders have become a focal point for me and I learn more about the amazing flora and fauna on each Amazon trip.

Since my Amazon river tours are typically with small groups, we leave the forest undisturbed and are able to stay in local villages and jungle lodges to experience the true culture of this region.  The local people are always friendly and welcoming to visitors on an Amazon safari and eager to share their cultures and customs.  Many villages offer comfortable accommodations, but often the best Amazon holidays can be experienced while camping in the Jungle, away from civilization.  Because not everyone is comfortable with these accommodations for their Amazon trip, I hope you can enjoy the experiences I share here!

This blog will consist of my Amazon safari adventures, as well as accounts from my friends visiting the Amazon.  I’ll make sure to include photos and videos so you can follow along in our journeys.  I’ll also share experiences in cities surrounding the Rainforest, including Iquitos tours and overviews of more touristy destinations.  If there is a place I don’t write about, but you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me and I’ll see if I can write more about it for you and the other readers.

I think the Amazon Rainforest is one of the best places to visit in Peru and through the experiences I share on this blog, hope you will make an Amazon trip for yourself!